Monday, July 11, 2011

I am sunburned

I am red as a lobster today. Thanks to sitting up in the right field roof seats yesterday afternoon.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. The Sea Dog in Hull is pretty nice.
2. Ryan doesn't like beers but he will kill for some red death shots!
3. 3 legged wolf? I think?

4. Do not swear at Fenway park. Some one lodged a complaint against me...I mean I literally swore once.
5. Mungo drinks sugar free RedBull like there is no tomorrow.
6. What the hell is going on here:

7.  I guess if you are a feminine male you play up the gay role to get bitches in bed. By hanging out with a gay man - "he likes pole, I like hole".
8. Is it normal if the aforementioned  twosome, who likes pole and hole,  also makes porno movies? Seems only proper right?
9. I lost a shot gun race. I am retired.
10. MikeG didn't recoginize Dan Madden. Guess the kid bulked up a bit.
11. I did run one hell of a Tiki Bar.
12. Peer pressure is a son of a bitch...just ask Rich.
13. Congrats to Jeffrey and Sarah for officially tieing the knot.

14. I guess El Guapo is huge in London Chap:

As always I am sure that I learned more but probably was too drunk to remember or write it down. There is a fund raiser on Thursday night down at Fanueil Hall if anyone is interested in coming down and donating.

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