Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

So sue me since I didn't get up things I learned this weekend on Monday. I have been pretty busy this past week or so. I am just trying to get the house in order so that I can move in October 2nd.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I am a much worse painter than I thought.
2. The Monkey see Monkey donut from DD sucks.
3. Chrissy got a new tattoo:

4. I am pretty sure Smiddy told me he was a regular Pablo Piccasso but I have yet to see him pick up a paint brush.
5. Always watch out for holes in the floor...as you can put your foot through them and through the ceiling of the room below. Right Joey?
6. Tough week in fantasy football for some. Not so much for a select few.
7. After about 10 minutes all shades of one color are the same.
8. There are some rude pricks/know it alls who work at the home depot.
9. Franklin is very very fast.
10. I may have a pinched nerve of sorts. My right hand is tingly and numb for about a week now. It feels like I slept on it wrong.
11. Tommy has a cute little baby.
12. It went from Summer to Fall real quick. Nothing gradual.
13. Strip clubs, booze and bachelor party talk gets everyone in a great mood.
14. The trash men in Quincy don't take shiT.
15. Hardwood flooring is really expensive.

I promise to do better this week and on Friday I will have 2 weekend kickoff chicks.
Darts tonight if anyone is around and wants to get their drink on.

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