Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its a Scorcher

I hope everyone who doesn't have to work today heads to the beach or to someones house who has a pool. Temps on the whole east coast are supposed to get up near the 100's.

Lets see what I learned this July 4th weekend:

1. Joe Martell is ANAL about everything.
2. Hot Suicide sausages are no joke.
3. Canadians invented basketball. Dr. James Naismith was a dirty Canadian.
4. July 4th at the Sox game is always great:

5. Jery Remys place is actually really nice. Way bigger than I anticipated.
6. The Last Airbender was a really good movie. I give it a B+.
7. I guess on the 4th you celebrate with a mustache, hickey, mullet or a throw back jersey:

8. Miller High Life light is the shit!!
9. Apparently in Newport they give out $500 dollar fines if you are caught drinking on the beach.
10. Shane Carwin may be an animal but Brock Lesner is a BEAST!
11. Non drinkers alway get tickets to the Sox game and sit in the middle of the row.
12. As much as I find Fenway park to be to small to sit properly in a seat. They keep finding new ways to renovate and put in secret bathrooms.
13. Hole in one bitches:

Like I said stay out of this heat wave. Make sure you give your pets plenty of water.

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