Monday, October 5, 2009

Its Fall!

Hello hello hello!

It's October 5th and this year is flying. This is also the 1,102nd posting on the blog. Not too bad. I stayed in this weekend so I didn't learn as much as I normally do.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The NFL red zone channel makes me rethink going out on Sundays.
2. The updated Harp and Bard is pretty much the same as the old one. Its kind of like giving an 80 year old lady a face lift.
3. Whats up with soccer jerseys? I mean there were at least 8 different jerseys at the Harp and bard.
4. The Watchdog was creepily trying to steal shoes from ladies purses...yeah creep!
5. There isn't much on television on Friday nights.
6. Texting while driving is cause for 1/4th of all auto accidents.
8. The Sox won't know if they play on Wednesday or Thursday until Detroit and Minnesota have their 1 game playoff. Good times.
9. Shawn Thornton is quietly becoming my second favorite Bruins, after Savvy.
10. I think this fantasy season may push Smiddy to quit the league. We will start accepting applications after week 10.


Julie N. said...

Tony Romo looks like Mickey Mouse when he wears his hat on backwards....and he ALWAYS wears it like that....does he think it looks good??? I dislike him, as well. Right after Brett Favre...

Anonymous said...

starting to dislike Brady - yeah I know he brought us 3 rings but he's acting different this year.