Monday, October 26, 2009

Its almost Halloween.

Whats up for this upcoming Halloween Weekend? The Bruins and the Celtics both play Halloween day. I am sure people are having parties and my invites are just in the mail.

This is what I learned this weekend(I am going to keep it to a quick 10 this week):
1. Jennifer Gamberdella thinks that facial hair makes a person look old, particularly me.
2. Wu-tang clan ain't nothing to fuck with:

3. You need Fluff to make fudge. Who woulda known that?
4. The Venetian in Weymouth still makes really good food.
5. The Mass Lottery head quarters is a combination of bingo parlor, hospital waiting room, and race track.
6. Apparently there are no more Dairy Mart convenience stores.
7. The William J Penny Post is a smokey and weird after hours spot.
8. Winners win:

9. I can buy my tickets for the Winter Classic this Tuesday at 10am.
10. Chicken Shit Bingo looks a whole lot like a cock fight: