Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

So its Thursday and the Sox are off, what are you to do?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Try to get as drunk as this dude in Rhode could easily get to .5 (just don't drive)!
2. Go to the Hong Kong and sing some Karaoke.
3. Head down to Side bar for 10 cent wings, $1.00 drafts and $6.00 pitchers of beer.
4. Start your own blog...but make sure its fun.
5. Go out and buy yourself a Moped or Scooter...gas is on the rise and if enough of you dorks get them maybe gas will start to come down.
6. Head down to The Place for DJ Chris Roxx - dancing and drinks.
7. Could buy Bruins 12 game and 24 game mini plan packs.
8. Stop by DJ's at the Garden for live music by John Kreig.
9. Spend all day online at Bar stool Sports.
10. Sit at home and watch porn...who doesn't like porn.
11. See the Dark Knight - for the 1st time or see it again.
12. Go out and make new friends.
13. Head to the casino and get your gamble on.
14. Take a long lunch break and don't go back to work until Monday.
15. Suck it Trabek.
16. Go camping, canoeing, mountain climbing, or something outdoorsey.
17. Get off your ass and find a new job.
18. Adopt a pet.
19. Go and splash in some of these nice big puddles.
20. Hug your grandmother.

I mean those are just some suggestions. I am sure you will all find some shit to get into today/tonight. Everyone knows the weekend starts on Thursday nights so lets get the ball rolling.

Onto some sports -
The Bruins signed Dennis Wideman for 4 years. The Celtics signed E-House and Tony Allen for 2 years. The Pats open up training camp today. The Red Sox just swept the Mariners. BC football starts their 1st game of the season at the end of August. If it is not one thing, its another in the world of Boston sports.

Whats up for Friday? Saturday? Sunday?
I mean I know Mario is having a cookout/blast on Saturday at 3:00 for the Sox/Yanks Game...Smiddy can't make it, big plans for him and LBoogie(don't want to ruin the suprise but there is some bling bling involved).


Anonymous said...

IF Mario's was having a real blast smiddy-lboogie would be there,they are childhood friends!!

Iggles said...

Normally I would say #5 is a good concept. But then I look down the driveway of the Plant and realize why concept and reality are 2 different things.