Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't shoot the messenger........

I'm probably not the only one to make note of the fact that New England's Thursday morning workout -- its first of training camp -- was forced into the Patriots indoor practice facility due to the ominous thunderstorms that hit Foxboro's Gillette Stadium. So, yes, the Patriots' 2008 season literally began under a black cloud, which some might say is entirely apt after the lingering specter of the Spygate saga last season.

Quarterback Tom Brady has always prided himself on winning one of the prized parking spots in the team's player lot, which is awarded annually to the Patriots who have the best attendance records during the offseason workout program. But Brady revealed Thursday that he didn't earn one of the coveted spots this year, indirectly admitting that he was in Foxboro less this year than other offseasons.
That should come as no real surprise if you're predisposed to following Brady's off-field, globe-trotting exploits with his supermodel girlfriend, Giselle Bundchen, and remember that his young son, John, lives in California with his celebrity mom, Bridget Moynihan.
"No, I gave it up,'' Brady said, of the close parking spot. "I didn't compete for it this year. If I would have competed for it, I'm sure I would have won. But there are other things that have come up in my life that I had to make choices on.''

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Anonymous said...

"other things" uhhhm i hope my parents didnt refer to me as "other things" coming into their lives. God Brady you had a child just say it WE ALL KNOW!!