Monday, July 25, 2022


 So this is what Hell feels like? Ninety plus every day and it never cools down at night? Or is this global warming and why we need electric cars? It is all so very confusing.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The Beth is open in Hingham, taking the place of the old Beer Works.

2. TK just out there on vacation living his best beach life.

3. Chrissy is up on the mountain this week and is going to see Luke Bryan Friday. Kid has the world by the balls.

4. Congrats to Chris Leaden on being down 50 lbs.

5. Croc nation, ya'll.

6. Joey Martell is planning his 40th in St. Johns, early October.

7. It looks like the housing market is slowing down everywhere.

8. Pearl and Lime has a Zombie drink that only allows you to get 2 per visit. 

9. Man this Red Sox team is getting rocked. Do they become sellers at the trade deadline and go full rebuild?

10. Drinking at the beach and napping at the beach are totally underrated.

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