Monday, January 10, 2022


 Well, 2022 is off to a great start.

Yes I missed posting last week, I had the Covid.

This is what I learned while I was away -

1. Congrats to Orett on his 4th child coming soon, his first daughter.

2. Chrissy and his wife are getting a camper and have a site up in NH. Get ready to PARTAY!

3. We had to put Ronin down, as he had cancer.

4. What is worse - accidently biting your tongue or burning the roof of your mouth?

5. I love good people who do good things for others, Brian and his wife Jenn are great people.

6. I love that TK is spreading his wings - Alumni, Bates or Rags. Doesn't matter where but he ends up at one of those places. Can't wait till he ends up at the Next Page.

7. I recently read that 1 in 6 Americans have had Covid and at the time I thought that was high, now seeing everyone get Covid, I think it may be low.

8. Fantasy football is over, the Red Zone is over but at least we have playoff football.

9. Chrissy is back with the food reviews - gotta give the people what they want.

10. First Betty White now Bob Saget!

11. Catching a BU hockey game at Agannis is always a good time.

12. Chris Leaden is going to start a side hustle for meal prep for the week. Gotta drop him off $35 on Sunday and that gets you 5 meals for the week.

13. Big shoutout to Martell for helping me change out my ceiling fan.

14. If you see Jeffrey, don't speak to loud, as he seems to be hung over for 2 days now.

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