Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 Well a hot new cookie place opened up in Hanover so of course I had to try it. Lots of different choices that change every week which is always a good thing. I went with a reeces peanut butter cookie. Decent sized and tasty. But living up to their name, it did crumble as I was trying to eat it. Now I love a warm soft gooey cookie but this was literally falling apart. Now I do have to admit this review was done the day after I got the cookies so I had to warm it up. But I'm also hearing they don't serve the cookies warm except for the chocolate chip. I will have to check them out again and find out all these answers. Of course I'm gonna have to wait until the lines go down. Crazy out the door lines at all times. They are open 8-10 Monday - Thursday and 8- midnight on Friday and Saturday for those late night cravings when the edibles kick in! Bonus that they deliver!

Score - 6.1

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The guy from RI who will always out drink Chrissy but usually pass out immediately after. said...

Worst review ever on a topic of food.