Monday, May 10, 2021


 Congrats to Chris Leaden on his job promotion. Guess next time drinks are on him.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Random Thursday Sox games are made for day drinking.

2. There has been a Smiddy sighting.

3. The cape house is officially listed on New England Vacation Rental.

4. Saturday overnights are not my cup of tea, overnights in general to be honest.

5. I think there is a race to see who has a house warming party first - TK in his new Weymo apartment or Chris at his Bridgewater house.

6. I love when people ask me if I need $20 for a hair cut.

7. Don't look now but the Boston Herald is running another Methadone Mile story.

8. Old folks love the 99 Restaurant. LIKE FUCKING LOVE IT!

9. Speaking of old folks, one of the worst things is the older you get the less sleep you actually get.

10. I don't really understand people who have FOMO.

11. Will this housing market crash or at the least bit slow down? Tks looking for a condo and he cant get in at these rates.

12. Smartfood is underrated in the snack game.

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