Monday, April 20, 2020


Have we tried unplugging the world and plugging it back in yet? Figured, just checking.
People are slowly losing their minds and I'm just waiting for the next civil war to start.

This is what I learned this weekend:
(Do we really even have weekends anymore)
1. Steak tips are underrated.
2. Nothing drives me more up a wall than someone chewing loudly. Like bro no one wants to hear your lunch.
3. All this mask wearing is really hurting my ears.
4. We should be at the Sox game today drinking at 8 am. Instead we are in self distancing/self quarantine day 6890753.
5. Jeffrey is upset that Coors light comes in the slim cans.
6. Thanks to whoever sent the chocolate dick, sorry to say my dog ate it. Don't worry though he is still alive.
7. Now you have to wear a mask everywhere you go. Can't wait till they say you have to hop on your left foot only while shopping.
8. Wait, we are surprised that they are saying this didn't come from eating a bat but rather from a BL4 lab in Wuhan?
9. Oh yeah, I got into the baking game during this - pecan date bread. It's a bit dense but the flavor is good.
10. Guys, you can either just let all your hair go or you can shave it all down. There really isn't an in between.
11. So the Cape didn't want people flocking to their vacation homes now they want to re-open everything. Man this virus really fucking with people.
12. Code 8 was worth watching on Netflix.

Does anyone have any good suggestions of things to watch?

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