Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Ya put off and procrastinate blogging and mother fuckers lose their mind.

Covid 19 got people twisted.

This is what I learned since last time I was here:
1. Sorry I forgot the blog.
2. Beer tastes better at a bar
3. Calnan is killing the Alfredo Aellos meals.
4. Smiddy is alive and doing well during this pandemic.
5. Guess every lady who is unemployed has their own Fans only page.
6. Fucking 70 miles per hour winds will fuck up your landscape and fence
7. People working from home just snacking all the time?
8. Will this be final nail in the coffin for brick and mortar stores?
9. We need new content dropped on these streaming services quicker.
10. Is there any thing more adult feeling than having dinners planned for the week?
11. Better feeling - new socks or fresh clean sheets?
12. Ice cream delivery service would be nice and handy right now.

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