Monday, March 12, 2018

Alive and kicking

First off, I would like to thank everyone who called, texted or reached out to make sure we didn't perish in the flood of 2018. Secondly, if you were anyway involved in the GoFundMe page - set up, donating or just passing it along. I sincerely appreciate it. I will do my best to personally thank everyone individually, it just has been a hectic whirl wind of a week.

This is what I learned these past 2 weeks:
1. Water is a mother fucker!
2. Mike Layden is alive.
3. You guys are all fucking great people.
4. The Bruins are legit.
5. The Sox haven't played a meaningful game yet but people are jumping off the band wagon.
6. Waiting around for contractors is tiresome.
7. I don't know who gets after it more during day time Bruins games - Rio or Jeffrey.
8. Glad I got to cross off getting rescued in a front end loader off my bucket list. Pretty sure it was right below threesome with two hotties.
9. Insurance is a scam beyond scam.
10. Insurance adjusters are the epitome of evil.
11. I am 1000000% sure I couldn't last in the real world doing physical labor every day.
12. Another week and yet another missed opportunity to go to the Wickendon pub.
13. Is there anything more annoying than a twitchy eye ball?
14. Do you celebrate losing weight if it is due to stress? You do right?
15. Jeffrey finds out about that hockey life this weekend when Julian plays in his first tournament.
16. Drinking anxiety is real.
17. Sad to see my Golden tee machine take on water.
18. Steak n cheese eggrolls are under rated.
19. RIP RG6...the truck didn't survive Riley.
20. What kind of asshole texts you a few days after being evacuated - maybe time to sell.
21. Sombreros, in Weymouth, is much better than Plaza Azteca and Acupolcos.
22. The Brew House in Braintree has good bar pizza.
23. I hope that Calnan is a surprise guest at Chrissy's wife's 40th bday Saturday, at Precinct 10 in Weymouth.
24. Will there St. Patty's day parade go on this Sunday?

Thanks again everyone. When the chips are down you guys all came through!

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