Monday, January 29, 2018

It's less than a week away

I hope that you have your Superbowl plans seen up. I know Joe Martell is looking for a bomb ass time.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People can be dicks for no good reason.
2. There is a fine line between being full and being a glutton.
3. Blisters is just the universe laughing at you trying to better yourself.
4. I still only drink hot coffee when I go to a diner.
5. If I don't get to the supermarket before 11 am on a Sunday, then most likely I ain't going. It's a crazy house in there.
6. People arguing Boot camp vs CrossFit is something.
7. John Brewer just casually on the evening news is such Brewer shit.
8. Anyone up for Pearl Jam in Chicago in August? Bueller?
9. Why don't they make dinner cereals? I mean breakfast for dinner is my jam.
10. At what age do kids really start following sports?
11. And at what age are you to old to go out for someones 21st birthday?
12. I highly recommend going out on a random weeknight, once every six months.
13. Who has an in for squares? You can never have too many.
14. Anyone looking for Bruins tickets April 8th? I got two. Last game of the season.

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