Monday, November 6, 2017


Has anyone heard or seen Kung Fu Dave? I texted him a few times and still no text back. Maybe he's locked up in a sex den or something.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Macphails are killing Disney this week.
2. Still not sure why words like moist, pussy and panties are hated by women. But cunt is totally acceptable.
3. Chrissy plans to retire at 55. I say kudos.
4. Pretty sure that it took me a whole week to get back on track after Florida.
5. I truly hate fantasy football this year. There is zero consistency.
6. Everyone has really vivid dreams right.
7. If you don't like bacon then we most likely can't be friends.
8. Day drinking that turns to night drinking is the best.
9. Keep them laughing. Good laughs make good vibes.
10. Draft Kings is like scratching a gambling itch but it doesn't really feel good.
11. Congrats to Nickerson on finishing a half marathon.
12. No I have not started Stranger Things 2 yet.
13. Pretty sure my middle name could be procrastination. I was always told to be good at something. I am good at putting things off till the last minute.
14. Only 7 more Monday's till Christmas. Kind of depressing.
15. Does anyone play the daily number?
17. Just seeing if you are paying attention. Skipped right over 16.
18. Thor was a pretty funny movie. Not the best Marvel flick but overall good.

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