Monday, November 13, 2017

Like whoa

So we are just skipping the fall season and right to winter? Fucking low 20s on a Saturday morning?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. You can pick your friends but can't pick your family is 100000% true.
2. Man I heard Chrissy may be bailing from team iPhone.
3. Praise to Jeffrey for bringing Julian to 3 different practices and 1 hockey game a week.
4. This weather really makes people moody.
5. There was a physical sighting of Grillo, at the Macphails.
6. Also I heard from Billy Smiddy, who is broken up about the ND lose. Not nearly as much as I am about Georgia but same.
7. I heard from Kung Fu Dave about his house warming party/night out in Lowell. I guess he is waiting for Chrissy to get a weekend on lock.
8. Sometimes you need a low key couch weekend.
9. Still no battery from China yet. May as well have just thrown $10 out the window.
10. People are really excited for this new 50 Shades of Grey movie?
11. Random Thursday boozing with Leaden is always a blast.
12. Wtf Pandora, you guys just throwing a $10 service out there? Like $5 isn't enough?
13. I don't know if anyone is interested in the Kentucky Derby but I'm hearing tickets are $440 for the 3 days.
14. Do people (other than TK) really care about these football games at Fenway?
15. Still trying to meet up with Riccio to finish our cards at the Wickendon pub.
16. Mario is pumped for his trip to Aruba.

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The guy who was Gaynor's dietitian. said...

15- When you are ready to come down, let me know. You guys can crash at my house and we can even try to get the Rat Newton out with us because I think he lives somewhere in Rhode Island.