Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Global warming my balls

Is this Seattle, London or Boston for fucks sake?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Not everything makes the blog because I am usually wayyyyyyy too bombed.
2. The Pour Yard is now open.
3. Jeffrey always celebrates everyone's birthday like it is his own.
4. Monday morning casino runs are where it is at.
5. Wonder Woman was a good movie.
6. Don't you hate when people get all whiny and take their proverbial ball and go home.
7. Everything hurts after a morning of bowling.
8. Wait people creep on Snapchat? They screen shot things and send them to other people to try to get them in trouble?
9. Breakfast dates are still the new hotness.
10. It was good to see many people out watching the Dot day parade.
11. I guess the going rate for a triple decker in Dorchester is a smooth million.
12. Buckets of beers are still my jam. Nothing like being your own bartender.
13. Every now and again you need a vacation from your vacation.
14. Mungo just out crushing beers.
15. I guess the time to head down the cape is 3:30 pm.
16. Sick days are for the boys now.

Gonna go try and catch up on my 189 emails from this weekend.