Monday, March 13, 2017

Snowpocalypse now

The snow is coming. Head for the supermarkets and stock up on bread, milk and eggs. You know so you can have some bomb ass french toast when you are stuck at home.

This is what I learned this weekend.
1. Mr. 905 was in full effect Saturday night, I passed out early.
2. Anything worse than a hang nail? A paper cut perhaps.
3. Chrissy makes me laugh.
4. There are still good people out there. A gentleman waved me down to tell me my right brake light was out.
5. Jeffrey is the human hokey pokey. One day he's in the next day he's not.
6. Pork roast is under rated.
7. Should I give up coffee forever?
8. If you get a chance head down to Twin Rivers on a Sunday morning. All the degenerate gamblers will make you feel better about your life.
9. This 10th Annual mustache pub crawl is bitter sweet. To get to 10 is great and to not have to organize it after this year is nice.
10. Oh yeah I am 6 beers away from finishing my card at the Wickendon pub. (One of them is a Budweiser).
11. Waking up with a headache(obviously when not hungover) is a shitty way to start the day.
12. Ever talk to somebody and the whole while you think man this person is a real dick head?
13. Fuck the whole daylight savings thing. It's fucking 2017 we are not farmers harvesting crops.
14. I can't even keep track of all you Bruins bandwagoneers. You are on,  you are off, and back on.