Monday, March 6, 2017

Never ending

This roller coaster of weather is never ending. One day its 74 the next it is 19. Make up your fucking mind. Mother nature stop being a cock tease. You are giving us all blue balls with this constant tease of Spring.

This is what I learned:
1. People think this list is in order of priority or some bullshit. It's just a random list nothing more or less important.
2. I saw Logan it was awesome. Don't even need to see any other movies.
3. Nerd chicks are on a whole other level.
4. Olindys is the same as it always has been
 Old school pool hall/bowling alley.
5. Jeffrey has a love affair with Cronin's, in Quincy, and it went up a notch when he found out it has karaoke.
6. Chrissy gave up beer for Lent.
7. Some weekend days I don't want to get off the couch.
8. Hope you all watched Taboo. Tom Hardy is crazy.
9. Chicken fried steak is so under rated.
10. Where do you fall on the cuddle scale?
        A. I fucking love it - big spoon, little spoon.
        B. Let me pass out and then you can climb all over me like a spider monkey.
        C. Get your hot sweaty ass away from me.
11. Do people still watch Top Chef?
12. Has anyone seen Mario out? Every time I ask him to meet up for lunch, he is busy. Just checking if it was me or not.
13. Chris Leaden is always up for Monday day drinking.
14. Why don't people use the word "Twerp" any more?
15. Should I get the t shirts for the pub crawl earlier than normal this year? What about koozies?
16. Mario still needs to raise money for the Bruins alumni game this weekend.