Monday, March 9, 2015

Heat wave

Look at this we are gonna have 5 days over 35... talking bout a heat wave.

This is what I learned this weekend (12 pack version):
1. The spicy omelette sandwich from Dunks isn't that spicy.
2. Boston Suburbs - Does yours suck?
3. Some weekends you just need a sweatpants, T shirt and couch day.
4. Thanks Boston Bruins for ONLY going up 2 dollars a ticket next  year.
5. Congrats to Coach Ervin Flowers and the Cathedral High boys team for making the championship game, tonight at the Garden, 4:00 pm start if you want to show your support. Cathedral Alum TK will probably be there.
6. This whole Android 5.0 lollipop operating system kind of sucks.
7. Red Sox opening day is only 28 days away. Maybe when baseball actually starts, we can all feel like winter is over.
8. Star Wars is getting its first LGBT character.
9. For all you dog lovers.
10. Bill Smiddy is gonna be a Boston cop?
11. I am bringing back the term "shit stain", you fucking bunch of shit stains.
12. BU vs Merrimack Friday night at Agganis arena, Hockey East quarter final. Who wants to go?

Thats all she wrote for now.

Chrissy is planning a trip to NC to see Mike Foley if anyone wants in...text Chrissy at 617-835-6437.