Monday, November 17, 2014

I love Turkey day

I love me some turkey day. I live for sitting my fat ass on the couch, fucking up some turkey, drinking my face off and watching football.

This is what I learned this week:
1. People are pissed, even though they love it, about the Dunkin Donut croissant donut being $2.49 (we haven't even had a review from Chrissy yet).
2. Calnan may or may not make it to the strip club after the annual street hockey game this year, just depends on if his lady friend has plans for him or not.
3. I have been playing angry birds transformers and I kinda like it.
4. It is totally normal to wake up and decide to go to Georgia for a day.
5. Hey Rio, they fuck ya in the drive through. Or at the car dealership.
6. Kkaties in Marshfield is super clean, and they have Buffalo tots. Let that sink in!
7. Beef jerky is totally under rated.
8. Rain is one thing but an ice cold rain is a whole other level of miserable.
9. Anyone know any good chiropractors on the South shore? My backs killing me.
10. We all have that one friend who wont shut up right? If you don't then you must be that friend.
11. I love the term "You da real MVP".
12. I don't care who knows it. That Taylor Swift song Shake it off, is my jam!!
13. Baked Ziti, a poor mans lasagna, is fucking great.
14. I am officially 70% gray and 29% non gray - you figure it out(plus Im not good with maths).
15. What is everyone doing Turkey Eve and Thanksgiving night? Will Flounder be back in Mass or will he be kicking at a bar in NC?
16. Talking at work, do people still celebrate New Years eve?
17. Sweet potatoes make your hair grow faster.
18. How are we not going to Foxwoods for this old school Hip hop Show, on November 29th?
  • Public Enemy
  • MC Lyte
  • Rakim
  • Big Daddy Kane
  • EPMD
  • Special ED
  • Black Sheep
  • Slick Rick
19. Guess when people win pools they don't tip anymore? Not that this is the reason why I run a pool but isn't that what you do?
20. ...and I still hate Sam Adams beers.

This is what I hate right now:
1. Everyone pushing pumpkin, I hate pumpin and I hate people who push it even more.
2. Paying for a bad meal. Its one thing if food sucks another when you have to pay for it.
3. People who ask for advice and then do the exact opposite.
4. The vanilla almond milk that Dunks uses in their ice coffee, that floats around like you are drinking spoiled milk and gives me the willies.
5. People who tailgate you like a mother fucker and hit their steering wheel and shit. Hey fuck you!

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