Thursday, November 27, 2014

Crows Landing

Although I am just learning about this new hot spot in Hingham, apparently Derek & Katie meet up with Jeffrey,  Sarah & Julian weekly here.  Thanks for the heads up and invite guys.  Looking at the menu their thing is to cook healthier by baking or grilling everything.  No deep frying at all. Since everyone is now #teamsalad its a good time for this business model.  Everything on the menu sounded delicious but I went for the $0.25 wing special on Tuesdays. Since this place is small you can check out your neighbors meals and I gotta say the burgers looked really good.  I got 40 wings and a side of fries.  Now I have tried baking fries before and they suck but whatever they do here they came out delicious. Wings were cooked perfect.  And although they only have one buffalo sauce it was quite tasty.  Good flavor and if it just wasn't so out of the way for me, I would go to this place a lot  more.  A solid find and a highly recommended place to eat.

See Smiddy, that's how a restaurant review is done!

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