Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer summer summer

Its already August and the summer is almost done. That makes me a sad Panda. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Who would want to steal Paddy Calnans identity?
2. It is totally normal for a bartender to ask you if you are driving after having 17 beers, right?
3. Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome.
4. Why is it such a big deal when I don't wear a hat? I clean up ok.
5. Red Sox this and Red Sox that. They suck just get over it.
6. I have said it a million times, I do not understand why everyone gets all giddy about Patriots training camp but thank god football is back.
7. What is the deal with all this Ebola? I mean really should we be bringing that here.
8. Nothing worse than ripping one of your favorite pairs of underwear.
9. Everyday when I walk my dogs, I refuse to take my cell phone. Its the most quiet time of the day.
10. Being off Facebook is quite nice. It is great for the mind and the soul. Now if I could not check Twitter as much.
11. Derek's ding and dents moving company is looking to hire some part time summer help. Apply within.
12. Never again will I own 2 big ass dogs at the same time. I love em both but still uggh.
13. It is harder to cut cheese out than I thought it would be. I mean who wants a hamburger?
14. In grown hairs are by far the worst things out there. Especially in the neck area.
15. When you have lots and lots of shit on your mind and can not shut it off, is that a form of insanity?
16. If you don't like strawberry shortcake we can not be friends. Dead serious.
17. Who has a fantasy football draft at Foxwoods? Guess my other league is.
18. Is there a more freaky feeling than when your eye is twitching for no apparent reason?
19. Im debating giving up coffee? Good idea or bad?
20. When is everyone available to grab Fire and Ice for brunch?

You bitches know I am on vacation next week so I will do my best to update this thing.

PS when is Mike Foleys going away soiree?


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