Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Im back

We can just start with this lovely song:

Because lets face it, you all missed my my dumb ass ramblings.

This is what I learned while away from a computer for 2 weeks:
1. Still not missing FB and may actually deactivate my account. Its kind of like living off the social media grid. I now know how Bear Grylls feels.
2. Taking a 2 year old to the movies is not my best idea ever.
3. Fantasy football season is here. Already had 1 draft and can't wait for the next.
4. Is there anything better than a month with 5 pay days in it?
5. Pretty sure I put an Indian through college with all the money I dropped at Foxwoods.
6. Some people do some dumb shit when they are drunk. Maybe its funny at the time but man is it dumb.
7. Justin "Jaydisco" Brennick is selling his house if you know anyone interested in it:
8. I know that people are bitching about the Ice Bucket challenge, Thanks MikeyT for donating, but you can not bitch about the results: 16 million raised so far. Calnan have yet to see your video or receipt for a donation.
9. Rumor has it Mike Layden bought a NH summer vacation spot.
10. Mike Foley does not and will not attend any type of going away party.
11. Moving is not fun but moving in the rain is even less fun.
12. Have you ever thought someone was stronger was physically stronger than they actually were?
13. Congrats to my uncle Steven "Willie" Whitley on becoming a grandfather. Also congrats to my cousin Stevie Lee on her daughter Dylan.
14. Mario is closing next week on his first house. Cant wait for the 1st bash!! Drinking shoes are shined.
15. I tried the 2 ingredient banana pancakes. Pretty much the grossest thing ever. Tasted like banana flavored scramble eggs.
16. When is Calnan going to start stepping up his #sundayselfie game?
17. How come Riccio hasn't invited us up to his Hampton Beach Real world house? Are we not friends?
18. Speaking of Riccio, I don't know who gives me more shit for not updating the blog, him or Chrissy.
19. How can people bitch that it was 56 degrees this morning? I love the Fall weather.
20. ADSL fantasy football draft is this Saturday at 3:00 At the South Side tavern. Come on down for some laughs. Lets guess how many Patriots players Big Show drafts.
21. Cuddling with your brother is not the least bit weird, right? I mean no homo.
22. Is this Red Sox season over yet?
23. Can someone explain to me, in simple terms, what the fuck is going on in Ferguson? Calnan basically said that America is broken.
24. Jeffrey makes fun of me for still playing words with friends. Most likely because I don't have any friends.
25. How did you guys let me go so long rocking a goatee? I mean honestly I looked like a super douche in some pictures!!

Hope to see some of you in my drunken stupor on Saturday.

PS Has anyone heard or seen Supah P since he got hot and heavy with his new lady?


Prez. said...

I'll see you animals on Saturday!
I ran into P on Monday. He was going into the phone store and I was heading to the dentist. Did not get a chance to talk long but He looks great.

jessedavis said...

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