Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Darkness everybody

It suck that its pitch dark leaving for work in the am. I hate its face.
Sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday, kind of busy with the 1st cold days of work.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy still loves his karaoke.
2. Jeffrey's house is huge. I finally got to check out the finished upstairs.
3. Stuffed peppers are totally under rated.
4. Another year and still I haven't been to the Worlds Largest cocktail party.
5. Mario will be at Foxwoods this weekend and Chrissy down at Mohegan Sun.
6. I can't even get into fantasy football. This has been a roller of coasters.
7. No I did not grow a beard for the Red Sox, this is my every day loom mofos.
8. Katie is addicted to stripping paint off of things.
9. Things I hate to do(In no particular order - laundry, dishes and paint).
10. Does anyone know a glass shower door guy?
11. Since Chrissy and Alison's baby is due Thanksgiving week they are celebrating this Sunday. All are invited to their house to celebrate the white man stealing from the Indians.
12. Who is in for the Annual street hockey game?
13. Julian is addicted to the bubble guppies.(WORST SHOW EVER)
14. It is not normal to be woken up at 3 am to be told your dog ate 14 full sized candy bars, 8 snickers 3 Three Musketeers, and 3 Starburst.
15. Returning unused tile should not be difficult.

Sorry I gotta run. Work work work!
Till next week.

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