Monday, October 21, 2013


The year is winding down. There are only 10 weeks left till 2014! I hope that you have all signed up for your Obamacare.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I forgot how watching  only 1 football game sucks.
2. If you cut yourself shaving you can use chapstick to stop the bleeding.
3. The world series generates $9 million per game in additional revenue for local businesses.
4. I have always said I would kill at Supermarket sweep but now the Food network has come out with Guys Grocery games. Total rip off.
5. Mike Flounder Foley has stood up for the old Quincy.
6. Chrissy is afraid to try the Moruga Scorpion Pepper.
7. Heard Jeffrey was living it up over on the Vineyard fishing and drinking. Thanks for the invite.
8. No more name suggestions for the Macphails. They have locked in both their boy and girl names.
9. I tried to watch the Great and Powerful Oz and man was I disappointed, turned it off after 35 minutes.
10. Brothers roast beef in Quincy is legit.
11. Only I could get stung by a wasp while trying to to nail down some roof flashing.
12. I don't think its normal that my barber wouldn't trim my beard because the Sox are in the playoffs.
13. I hate pumpkin flavored everything. There I said it. HATE!
14. I love me some pecan pie.
15. Only assholes say "Hindsight is 20/20". ASSHOLES!
16. Why don't hockey players get individual goal songs? I mean its 2013 they can have everyone's songs queued up ready for a goal. This needs to happen. I need to hear Louie Louie after Erickson scores.
17. Do people actually read this blog(besides Chrissy)?
18. Apparently Supah P is working crazy over time to pay for his daughters college education. FATHER OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE.
19. Is there anything more depressing than getting to work and it is dark out then leaving work and it is still dark out.
20. Welcome back to Massachusetts Christopher Shimkus. The new director of Catering and Convention services at the Boston Park Plaza.

Till next week. I hope the Red Sox can pull this World Series win out.


Prez. said...

#5 Thank You
#13 I agree
#17 Absolutely
#18 he has my vote

The guy who could of been running the ID office and parking if not for that scab rat bastard didn't get me fired. said...

I read this because I have no life kinda like Chrissy.