Monday, April 22, 2013


It seems like a lot of tension has been removed from the air since the terrorists have been caught. People can now start to recover and try to deal with how altered their lives have become. The bombing victims and their families are never far from my prayers. I hope that you keep them close to your hearts as well. Please remember the moment of silence today at 2:50.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. When the government - local, state and federal - all work together  GREAT THINGS HAPPEN.
2. Do NOT fuck with the Gout.
3. If you need a hole dug, call Jeffrey. The kid is the king of the post hole.
4. I have decided to give all the donation money from the mustache pub crawl to the One Fund for the victims of the marathon bombing.
5. I heard the new Slaine cd is the shit!
6. Ice cold beer always tastes better when you are doing manual labor.
7. Who gets a vasectomy in 1 day? Make an appointment on Thursday for Friday morning? Huh, Chiefdude?
8. Has anyone seen Chrissy? I have texted him and called him no answer. We were supposed to go to the casino but that got shit canned.
9. I watched the Campaign the other day. When the children are confessing their sins at the dinner table was the best thing in a long time. I have not laughed that hard in a long time.
10. Pub Crawl T shirts are in. If you want to meet up and get a shirt before hand let me know.
11. I love how there are all these Red Sox tickets available for games. People are scared to get back on the band wagon. Its like they want to but are only putting 1 foot on.
12. Rio is looking at houses like a fiend and can't find one.
13. Here's what the MPC looks like:

14. Katies mother is officially retired. That must be a great feeling.
15. Why is Earth day just one day a year. Shouldn't we be celebrating year round?
16. Piers Morgan is a donkey.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Julie said...

I think #4 is a great choice.