Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Australia Drink Driving

A COUPLE have each been charged with drink driving not once but twice in a day in a bizarre chain of events on North Stradbroke Island, off Brisbane. 
Dunwich police conducted a road side breath test on a female driver in Snapper Street, Point Lookout about 1pm.
The 27-year-old recorded a reading of .126 percent and was charged with drink driving. (I don't know if they call drunk driving - drink driving, down under)

A short time later police stopped the same car which was now being driven by the passenger, a 34-year-old man from Redbank Plains.

He recorded a breath test reading of .110 per cent and was also charged with drink driving.

The couple were released but shortly afterwards the man was observed by police in Point Lookout driving the vehicle again.

The man again recorded a positive breath test and was charged with drink driving as well as driving while suspended.

Incredibly the couple returned to their vehicle and the woman again got behind the wheel.

They were again stopped by police and the woman was n charged with drink driving and driving while suspended.

Both will appear in the Cleveland Magistrates Court on May 14.

I applaud these two. Drunk at 1pm, 2 DUI's EACH and then both driving on a suspended license. You know they were on their way to some bar to get even more fucked up. Actually, I bet they were on their way to a drunk fuckfest - the orgy of orgies with mounds of coke! I mean how else do you explain it?

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