Monday, January 14, 2013

Hockeys officially back

The owners have ratified the CBA and so have the players. Hockey is officially back!!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. It is a known fact you can do what you want at 25 Poplar rd.
2. Shaun Larry and Chrissy Mac are mortal enemies!
3. If you are malado - do you call yourself half white, half black or straight malado (Or is it malardo).
4. Always a good time when Mike Foley just randomly stops by for a game of Golden tee.
5.The yankee regift swap was a hit. I love my rice cooker.
6. Rio can fuck up a queso dip.
7. When you get an elbow to the face. Immediately put ice on it  no matter what. Even if someone just tells you its just puffy.
8. I had to pay $450 to have the vet tell me that my 2 year old dog can not play or over exert himself excercising. Oh yeah he is 3 lbs over weight. He weighs 128 and should not be over 125.

9. Apparently cosequin  for dogs is all BS. But dont tell that to Jack Hannah
10. Shaun Larry is an angry drunk.
11. Welchie is trying to distance himself from the north shore.
12. That turkey sausage from Dunkin Donuts is crap.
13. Just a man and his slippers:
14. Edward 40 hands is real:
15. We always should have neighbors like this:
16. To cut the hair or not? That is the question.
17. Just found out about Zorbing. CRAZY!
18. Ruinite is never going to be the same for me.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Pats game is on at 6:30 next week.