Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Im on Vacation

I know I am a few days late on posting this. Chrissy has been all over me. Well it's better late than never at all, right?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Back Seat Lover is an awesome cover band. Especially for $7.00 (they didn't play this when we saw them but I figured I would post it):
They play again at the Hardrock Cafe in Boston on July 28th with a STP cover band. Hope you guys can make it. Chrissys buying tickets as we speak.
2. When getting furniture it is great to measure where it will go, to make sure it fits, but if you can't get it up the are an asshole (or in this case I am THE Asshole).
3. A hippo can open it's mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside.
4. National grid is not very customer service friendly.
5. "Billie Jean" was the 1st video to air on MTV by a black artist. Fucking Michael Jackson always on top of shit.
6. Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor, was afraid of the dark.
7. The 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie sucked badly.
8. How did I get a cold while on vacation? God is cruel.
9. Mario moonlights as the CEO of The Ding and Dents moving company.
10. Making a patio level and flawless is a whole hell of a lot harder than I thought.
11. Smiddy is thinking about making the move back to BMC.
12. My dog is not liking this weather at all.
13. I guess most of my family doesn't like red meat. Prime rib was not the thing to serve on fathers day then.
14. Cambridge is looking to follow NYC and ban soda.
15. No one should ever wear yellow shorts. I mean no one and never.
16. Grillo was wearing a leather jacket in the bar on Saturday night. I was hot just looking at him.

I have some errands to run so I am keeping it brief.

See you all next week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chrissy for keeping the blog running.