Saturday, June 2, 2012

Darts update PLAYOFF LOSS!

We traveled to Abington to begin round 3 in the dart playoffs and the first night did not go well. We dug ourselves a hole but we did not play ourselves out of the match.
501's Lost 2 & Won 1:
SL and I started the night off the wrong way. We played well but the other team hit too many triple 20's and we lost.
TB & Jared played a great game. It was close the entire way and both teams had their chances to end it and Jared took it down with a double 14 to tie the match.
Jeb & DW spotted a 275 point lead and mounted a great comeback. Both teams had out chances and the other team hit it first.

Cricket Lost 2 & Won 1:
Supa P & I fell way behind early. Supa did what he could to get us back in it but I sucked and we lost.
SL & TB played a great game. They got the lead early and kept it. They also wasted no time in winning the game.
Jeb & Jared were up early and even in the middle of the game. The other team went on a run to take the lead and eventually the game.

After 6 we were down 4 to 2

301's 5 & Won 1:
SL lost game 1 in a close one. In game 2 he had a 200 point lead but got stuck on a tough out. The other guy hit huge darts to take it down.
TB got right on and so did the other guy. It was about even at the 100 point mark and TB hit a great shot to get to the out first but the other guy stole it. In game 2 it was neck and neck but another loss. 
I played a 3 game set. I lost game 1 and came back and won games 2&3. 
DW got shut out in game 1 and lost fast in game 2. 
Jeb lost game 1 in a close one. In game 2 Jeb was down big but made a nice comeback. It came down to an out and Jeb took it. In game 3 they both got it down fast and the other fool hit it. 
P lost 2 fast games to end the night.

We certainly did not position ourselves to advance to the next round by losing 9 out of 12 games but it was back to Quincy on Thursday to see if we could make a charge.

Thursday nights results:
501 Won 2 lost 1:
Me & Dillion got right on and hammered it down. The other team made a charge and SL hit the winner.
Jared & TB were slow to get in and it cost them. They made a comeback but it was too late.
Mark & P got on early and built a small lead and the other guys kept it close. It was anyone's game in the end and Mark hit good set up darts and P hit the out.

Cricket Won 3 Lost  NONE:
TB & SL came to play! The both got hot early and often. The other team made a good run in the middle but it was over when SL hit the final cork
Jeb & Me played from behind the whole game but did not quit. Jeb got hot on the 15's and corks and after my double cork Jeb hit the final for the win.
P & Jared jumped out to an early lead with some solid darts and key triples. They slowed down a bit but wasted no time taking the win.

At this point we did a great job in closing the gap to make the match 10 to 8. We were really confident we could at least win 4 of 6 and force extra games but it was not meant to be.
301 Won 1 & Lost 3 and the last 2 games did not matter: 
SL played well but lost in 2 games.
TB won the first and took a lead in game 2. He was able to take it down and got right on in game 3 which he also won. 
I won the 1st and had a good lead in the 2nd but could not hit the out and lost. The 3rd was even from start to finish and the other guy hit a 20, triple 20, double 20 for the win. F'n repulsive way to lose a game!
MW played great in game 1 for the win. In Game 2 mark got on with a 120 and did not let up even though the other guy hit great darts. In the end it was another bull shit throw by them to take it. In game 3 mark spotted a 179 point lead and made a charge. Unfortunately the other guy hit the out on the first dart for the win

Match over 13 to 9
Jeb & P were scheduled to play next but it was over.

We had a great run and a ton of fun all season but it really sucks to lose. They were a good team but they were certainly beatable. We were a few wins away from playing for the title and there is no doubt we would have taken it down. Sometime soon I will post a recap of the season but I am not in the right frame of mind to do it today.

Have a great time at Dot Day and let's hope the C's and the Sox can win it all!