Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Triple Double

Chicago - For those who think the Double Stuf Oreo is too dainty, Kraft Foods' has launched the Triple Double Oreo which combines a layer of vanilla cream, a layer of chocolate cream and three layers of chocolate Oreo cookies.
"Our fans' passion and enthusiasm has challenged us to raise our game," said Jessica Robinson, associate director of consumer engagement, Kraft Foods. "We are looking forward to engaging with Oreo fans as they share their twisting, licking and dunking moments with the new Triple Double Oreo cookie."

The new cookie is actually a new take on Argentina's Oreo "x3" (pronounced "Por Tres") cookie, introduced in 2010.
"The birthplace of OREO is America, but it's one global cookie," says John Ghingo, senior director of global marketing for Oreo.

Now I am not a huge fan of Oreos. I mean I will snack on a few but a few is really all I can have.  I rarely have more than 6 Oreos at a time.

I know some blog readers, Mario and Supah P, would love to have an Oreo eating competition. Eat as many as you can within 15 minutes with 1 glass of milk. Who would be in for this? How many could you eat?

This whole triple double Oreo may take it to a whole new level!!

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chrissy said...

I won't win but I'm in for that!!