Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello World!

To steal a line from the great (in many ways) Tiger Woods...
"Hello World!"

Like many of you, I have enjoyed reading DW's blog on a regular basis. The fantasy football updates (who is wearing the dress this year?), things I've learned this weekend, the Smiddy updates, the food contests, the Pub Crawl announcements, and of course the many 'Lists', etc.

Some of you may remember I ran a very successful blog a few years ago and at the time it seemed like fun. Unfortunately, some people took it a little too seriously so I decided to shut it down. Wanting to get back into the creative writing mode, I asked The King of Booze to give me a password so I could share with his readers some of the funny stuff that happens on Tuesday nights. So without further adieu, here we go...

On Tuesday nights a group of 5-8 guys get together to have a few beers, throw a few darts and compete in the Minute Man Dart League. The talent level on our team on ranges from 4-8 on a scale from 1-10 but we somehow find a way to win most of our matches. Tonight is a perfect example of that considering we were down 5-1 early and somehow came back to win the last 5 matches to end up with a 6-5 victory. Go figure??? Anyway, here is a quick breakdown of this weeks matches:

2 games of 3 player 601 double in - double out (1-1)
3 games of 2 player cricket points (0-3)
6 matches (best 2 of 3) singles 301 double in - double out (5-1)

6-5 Victory!

As we are in week 3 of the season, I wont waste time filling you in with details about the first 2 weeks other than to say we were tied for 1st place with 15 of 22 possible points after week 2.

A quick recap of Week #3:

We lost too many close matches early and were looking like we were going to get smoked until Jeb pulled out a nice victory in his singles match to set the tone for the rest of the night. Jeff, and Supa P followed suit and despite Crazy Bob looking like he was going to go winless for the entire season, he stepped up to also get a win. I'll give him extra credit for playing considering he was in a car accident earlier this evening. I closed out the night beating a pretty good player who after the match in a fit of rage threw a few chairs around the bar. We could have taken all 3 cricket games, but we always struggle against teams that love to point. (Could be time to rethink our strategy) The 2 601's were a toss up and could have gone either way but unfortunately they hit the key darts in the end.

Each week I'll try to remember some of the funny one liners that come from having too much down time between matches and way too many beers. Keep in mind that I only hear about 50% of the BS banter and my memory sucks so if you have nothing to do on a Tuesday night and you are looking for a few laughs, feel free to drop by!
This weeks interesting statements:
  • What's a Falcon Punch? That's awesome, I just made it my new screen saver!
  • Parking at the Banshee in a snowstorm really sucks.
  • Can you get away with punching a girl for rear-ending you?
  • Halls medicine tastes like the smell of cat piss.
  • I was at home trying to get a BJ and it wasn't happening so I came to darts instead.

We are at Peggy's next week for a home match against the St. Marks Post.

Until then...Prez


The Dude said...

Nice job boys...I wish I stuck around to watch that meathead get beat and rage!

Anonymous said...

What are u the president of?

Just Curious said...

are you always this cocky when you write?