Wednesday, September 16, 2009


These are some of the random things that I think on Wednesday:


  1. The blog being partially blocked at work just makes it more fun to post via text and email (mobile blogging).
  2. I need to own a Tuxedo…this must happen before I turn 35.
  3. People are still talking about the Patriots like they just won the Superbowl even though they got out played, out hussled and out coached for 55 minutes Monday night.
  4. The dart team won 7-4 but we could use another player or 2. At the very least we could use some drinking support.
  5. What has happened to people’s manners and over all politeness? When did everyone stop using please and thank you’s?
  6. With the Pats season starting people have waned on the Sox really fast. More so than in past years.
  7. I know we had 2 weeks of summer but does it have to get into the 40’s at night when we haven’t gotten to October 1st yet?
  8. Has Style gal hung up her blogging? Is she on an extended vacation? Is she undercover writing an expose? Is she in love? Where is Style gal? Is there not enough gossip and pop culture for her to blog about anymore? The Blog misses Style gal!
  9. The winter of Smiddy is starting off with a bang…a real BANG!
  10. I think one of the best inventions of the past 25 years is TEXT Messaging.
  11. Iggles always seems a little bit more personable once football season starts. Maybe it is all the fantasy football ball busting he does or maybe it’s the fact it is not as hot outside, whatever the reason…suck it Iggles.



Iggles said...

are you saying I'm not personable?

Julie said...

Why do you NEED to own a tuxedo?

d said...

Because its pimp!