Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Who is in for the Wingalympics??

When: Next Friday August 29th

Where: Sidebar - 14 Bromfield St. Boston, MA. 02108-5203

Time: 7:30pm

Who can eat the most wings in 30 minutes?
Mike T, Welchie and I will be the judges. No meat left on the Bones…or we will not count it as a full wing.

1. Chrissy “El Wingador” Macphail

2. Jeffrey “The Wing King” Lundrigan

3. Mario “Hot Sizzle” Long

4. Scott “If It’s Free It's for Me” Deegan

5. Steve "Bring the Heat" Keith

All have confirmed their entrance into the competition. Odds will be posted as the EVENT gets closer and closer.

The Gold winning T shirt has been ordered and is en-route.

Any suggestion?? Anything I may have missed? Anything you thing I can improve on? Let me know

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