Monday, August 28, 2023


 Summer comes to a close this weekend. Hope everyone had fun.

This is what I learned since last week:

1. Chrissy out here giving out edibles like some sort of weed Oprah - you get an edible, you get an edible.

2. Fantasy draft is in the books. Leaden brought the heat.

3. Looks like Jason Foley will be in his new house within 2 weeks.

4. Wait, what? No Paddy still is not married yet...who else is waiting on that invite?

5. When Mike Layden is your surprise guest, you know it is going to be a good day.

6. The Nashville Hot Snyder's pretzels are fire. 

7. I hope that I only have 2 more tattoo sessions left. Prayers up.

8. Heard a rumor that Chrissy is having a huge bash up at the camp this weekend.

9. Speaking of camps, the Boyce's killed Jellystone with their camper.

10. How does a bar tender have no go to shots? Like can't make a one!

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Newton Hater said...

2 weeks and no update.