Monday, June 1, 2020


It's fucking June but may as well be December without Christmas. This year just won't quit and Everytime I think we have hit rock bottom there is a new low. Two steps forward and 37 back at this point.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. That Chick fil-a breakfast is legit.
2. I was shocked to learn that Yeti is not made in America.
3. Chrissy bought himself a golf cart.
4. People out there just never having eaten steak tips before is an insane thought to me.
5. Mario is back after the birth of his baby girl and I couldn't be happier.
6. The CARES Act is a bunch of things, not just stimulus but also what you can do with your retirement cash.
7. Maybe Chrissy hit a scratchie because he also bought himself am Arctic Cooler.
8. The UFC fights have been lack luster at best lately.
9. It is surprising how normal a little sun on the beach can make you feel.
10.  The Boyce's heading down to Rhode Island to celebrate their anniversary with a few beers par with 2020.
11. Martell is planning pig roast #2 in July.
12. Charlie Baker treating us all like we are children is beyond infuriating.

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