Monday, August 28, 2017

That was fast

The weather changed to early fall really quickly.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Officer Calnan is looking good.
2. Jason Foley is trying to buy a house in Southern NH and get out of Massachusetts.
3. Draft day is always a good day. Felt little off with Rob not being present.
4. I'm surprised how well McGregor looked in the fight.
5. Life lesson, always eat before day drinking. Always!
6. Chrissy is still trying to make the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party work.
7. Rumor has it the Macphails are having an end of summer party Sunday.
8. If you were wondering - still no battery delivery yet.
9. Looks like everyone is going to Disney this year.
10. Vacations never feel like they last as long as you would like.
11. People being shocked that there are sharks killing seals off the coast of the Cape is just life.
12. Does anyone ever walk away from their draft happy with their team?
13. Is there a cut off for when you can order a bloody Mary? Like can I get one at 6pm?
14. Anyone up for Point Sebago next year? Trying to get a good crew together.
15. If you get pulled over in an Uber. Complaining gets you your money back.
16. The Defenders was good on Netflix.