Tuesday, April 4, 2017

And we are off...

Baseball season is officially here. I got my first sun burn of the year. 2017 is gonna be the shit.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Brownie sundaes for dinner are ok when you are an adult.
2. Nothing is worse than a full bad day at work.
3. The Bruins win tonight and they clinch a playoff berth.
4. Every one wants to come back from a few days off fully refreshed.
5. WrestleMania was a success.
6. Lasagna is a pain in the balls to make but the reward is worth it.
7. There was no Coors light to be found at Fenway.
8. Bobby shakes is still taking pictures at night clubs.
9. Brewer has moved on from Lulu's and is at City Tap in the seaport.
10. I think the Yard house is over rated.
11. Koozies are ordered and on their way.
12. I'm impressed with Chrissy and Leaden drinking beers out of a stein(3 beer stein) like that's an everyday thing?
13. I guess BWW is getting a sauce hotter than blazing. Why? I Don't know!
14. Skipping meals to booze is not always a good combination.
15. Rio made the drive from Florida to Saugus in 22 hours...Zoom zoom.
16. Hong Kong Kung Fu Dave said his loft is almost done and he's gonna have a party soon.

That's all I got right now.
If anyone wants a pub crawl shirt/koozie hmu and we can meet up.