Monday, January 18, 2016


Today is MLK day. I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect upon what that means, and not just a holiday off.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People LOVE pub crawls.
2. If you wear a t shirt with a beer logo on it you should buy that beer or else be called out by the packie store attendant. (HA packie store attendant sounds like a fun job)
3. Everyone is riding Tom Brady and the Patriots pretty hard but they are also bitching there is no home game this weekend.
4. The St. Pattys day parade is back on in Scituate.
5. Speaking of St Pattys day, Chrissy has his official day to get snipped 3-17-15. Guess he will never forget when he loses his balls.
6. You ever try to trim your beard and mess up? Yeah me too.
7. Our prayers go out to Calnan...he of the sprained ankle.
8. Don't get flippant with CVG or he will block you on all social media and real life.
9. What is the plan for the 3:00 Pats game Sunday?
10. I have a few Sox games for sale if anyone wants em., HMU.
11. Miller High life is under appreciated.
12. Has anyone been to Easy Pie in Braintree? I heard they have huge tater tots.
13. Is there anything worse than sleeping on your neck wrong and its difficult to turn?
14. I am wondering if anyone has a thousandaire idea that they are making a reality.

I am off to do some work, I think anyways.


Tom Bardy said...

Calnan's injury almost cost us the game. #buttermuffin
-Tom Bardy

Unknown said...

What is the plan for this Sunday? Football & boozefest. Wings as well. Where is the party?

Anonymous said...

Grillo is still alive?

Unknown said...

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