Monday, July 20, 2015

Chip Doesn't Care What You Think....

Alright, let's deal with the 500lb Elephant in the Room.

The Eagles are probably winning the Super Bowl if not atleast taking the NFC.

And it has completely everything to do with Chip Kelly. You know that guy Pats Fans love to hate? Which is funny considering his closeness with Belichick.

You know that guy that brought spread into the NFL and made it work. You know the coach that belts plays out at break neck speed. Whose play calling system is the most mimicked across all levels of the sport.

I've been Team Chip since his UNH days in the early 2000s as an OC. And since then one thing he has always been is exciting. And that's why I don't get the Chip Kelly hate. Does he do things differently? Absolutely.  But a few years ago if you said to any NFL fan "Hey the Eagles are going to start cranking out plays in 20 seconds or less in a college esque spread offense AND it's going to work".  They'd reply "your crazy man". And that right there is what makes Chip so dam interesting the fact that hes always trying things differently.

In the mid 2000's when it first came out Chip blares music at practices to emulate crowd noise and to get played to focus on non verbal communication. Everyone called him a weirdo. Now, EVERYONE does it. NFL practices shorter because guess what Chip runs shorter practices.

Has he won a super bowl? No. Will he? No clue. But Chip has already changed the game. Any surprise he's now tanked the 3rd most influential person in the NFL (sports illustrated)? Not really if you consider one fact that all the Kelly haters refuse to deal with. Chip Kelly ISNT afraid to fail and further doesn't care what you think.

Let that marinate. Chip basically gutted the Eagles this offseason (goodbye Maclin, Mathis and Shady) and before that didn't even blink when Confirmed (sorta) Gang Member Desean Jackson began running his mouth. He's signed Tebow, Bradford and Kiko Alonso. All potentially dangerous moves. And you know what he just doesn't care what you think. Chip is gonna do what Chip wants to create a culture he wants.

So if you like football. Ya know the game? Not just the winning and hats and duck boats. I'd keep an eye on them birds because they are doing something.

PS: Belichick is gonna retire maybe not next season but when he does id bet the house Chip Kelly is the next coach. Football guy from NH with the Kraft hooks already in him. Name a better storyline? 

PPS: if your not fascinated/ borderline aroused by Tebow potentially playing again in the NFL in a run friendly offense. Then you don't have a pulse.


Iggles said...

This sums it up better than I can....

ChiefBlogRuinner said...

you want fatso quitter Reid back?? Didn't think so.