Monday, October 6, 2014

Lets roll

I figured I have been blogging for a while now, since 2008 I think. So I am thinking bout adding a bonus list of  5 things I hate (at this moment in time)at the end of each week. Kind of like a bonus round. What do you think?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. No matter how old I get I still love celebrating birthdays. No matter who's it is.
2. Apparently hot sex on a veterinarians desk doesn't just happen in porno movies. That's the new hotness.
3. Once it goes in your mouth you have to finish it.
4. Calnan is on the fast track to be man hunter/detective of the year. Keep ya head on a swivel and your shit buried deep in the dirt.
5. Sad to see Kams Garden has not only been renamed to Moto Garden but its actually closed.
6. Sex in a shed is totally okay, as long as the shed has electricity. (Girls and their rules).
7. My hip is still all types of messed up and really messing with me.
8. Chrissy is officially on the Tough Mudder team - which we are either calling Team Booze Bags or the Booze Scouts. We have a team meeting scheduled for Veterans day weekend for the final vote.
                         A. Boozebag one and Boozebag two- similar to Dr Suess Thing one and Thing two
                         B. Booze Scouts - pretty self explanatory, similar to the boys scouts but you get drunk related patches - I got this one for funneling, this one for keg stands, this one for the hour of power...etc
9. If you rent a house with a bunch of people and you happen to hit it off with someone you met at a bar so want to bring them back to the rental but your new housemates are against it what is your recourse? I wouldn't say the guy calls two of his friends to come over and you have a 3 way on the front lawn while his friend watches is really in my top 100 answers for what to do. But hey I guess that happens.
10. Why is it I always get sick before the flu shot comes out?
11. Anyone have $4300 for Ronins ACL surgery on his right leg? Yes, he tore HIS OTHER ACL!
12. If you have any creep shots make sure you send em to Chrissy, he is something of an expert 617-835-6437.
13. The newest Transformer movie sucks.
14. When is wedding season over? Seems like there is a god damn wedding every week.
15. Chrissy and I have officially been friends for 16 years. Its not every day you know the exact day you became friends with someone.
16. People wonder why America is obese - how does an 8.5 oz can of soda cost more than a 2 liter?
17. Chrissy's weight loss update - he went up to 240.4 pounds. Had a rough pre birthday week.
18. Is anyone else as excited as I am that the B's season starts again this Wednesday?
19. Speaking of Wednesday if you are around at 11pm there will be a gathering of friends for Jason Foley at JJ Foleys. Jason is leaving his job and off to bigger and better things. Can the world handle Jason Foley the plumber? I know he has the plumbers crack already down pat.
20. As much as people don't read the blog, a shit ton of people ask me questions about things that I post here all the time. Or they start mid conversation with me like we were talking about something blog related.
21. Homemade hot pepper relish is the shit. I put it on every thing.
22. I hope everyone's suites and dresses fit for Suzie and Sean's (it may be spelled Shawn - I don't fucking know) the silent funnellers upcoming nuptials Sunday in Plymouth. I heard Chrissy is starting to pregame on Friday night for it.

BONUS ROUND of things I hate (at this moment in time):
1. Florida Georgia Line
2. Gluten free everything - go to the doctors and get checked people, dumb asses just being dumb.
3. Boston sports fan with this pendulum of emotion. Fans of every team. One week their team is the worst the next the GOAT. You can never talk real shit with them because of this self disillusion. Lester aint coming back Sox fans so stop holding your breath.
4. Christmas shit being up already.
5. Low fat cheeses. I would rather have a lot less real cheese or no cheese at all than low fat plastic tasting cheese.

Hope I see some of you guys out at the B's game Wednesday night. If you get any pics from the wedding of the year send em my way.

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