Monday, March 25, 2013

I love Easter

I love Easter and not because Lent is over but because I love a good ham dinner. So if anyone wants to stop by for ham dinner on Sunday, that is where I will be.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Alaska is the eastern most state in the US. Yeah you read that right. Part of the Aleutian Islands are the eastern most part of the world.
2. Gerard Butler is a bad ass in Olympus has Fallen. The movie was top notch.
3. The Chiefdude likes to get after it with Sam Lights.
4. Mikey Layden is on pace to make 200K this year. I am now referring to him as Dr. Layden, even changed him in my phone as such.
5. How can your great aunt die and no one tell you?
6. Anyone know anything about building a garden pond? I think my front lawn may need one.
7. This 6th Annual Mustache Pub Crawl is only 53 days away: This guy is ready:

8. The Lux level at the movies is a bit much for me. I like beers being delivered and all but not at the expense of someone standing in front of me while I am watching a movie.
9. Whats not to love about this face:

10. Doesn't seem like many people are into the tourney this year.
11. Has anyone seen Jeffrey? I have called and texted him all weekend long but the dude never gets back to me.
12. Rumor has it Rob Knudsen, Shaun Larrys Brother and Chiefdude are all slated to make the MPC this year.
13. Apparently, my mullet in training is coming along nicely and should be a sweet mullet come May 18th.
14. Has anyone heard from Tom Newton? I heard he has been working in New Mexico but he never texts me back.
15. No one is interested in Sox tickets up on the rf roof box, section 41. What gives? Bunch of fair weather fans.
16. Ever since Welchie proposed no one has really seen him out, other than darts.
17. DJ. Brighto has a regular gig up at Hajjars on the weekend and also may be getting a job at the Home Depot.
18.Who wants to help build a deck?
19. Found a 4th person to split the Bruins tickets with next year. YEAH BUDDY!!
20. Space Jam was the highest grossing basketball film of all time. I am not the least bit surprised.

Thats about it for now. Have a nice Easter everyone.


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ricccio said...

15. I am going to several rooftop games this year. What dates you going? or are they season tickets?

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