Monday, February 11, 2013


I hope that everyone survived Snowmegeddon 2013! Since I didn't have power from Friday night at 9:30 till Sunday morning my weekend was actually kind of a loss.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Yes, that is a river of sea water rushing by my house at high tide on Friday night:

2. You never expect to see your breath inside your house and you never expect your house to get down to 41 degrees either.
3. This guy doesn't seem to mind the snow storm:

4. Nothing is worse than a restaurant opening at 6:00 and basically seating everyone at the same time. Mistakes and lack of service are gonna happen.
5. I heard the Quincy Fire department is hiring.
6. I can't believe that dude Macklemore is white.
7. Chrissy may not have power until Tuesday/Wednesday. Thank god he has plenty of beer and a wood burning stove.
8. New snow boots suck. I feel like I am walking in ski boots. Hey Columbia blow me.
9. Does anyone know of any loft type condos for sale in or around Boston. Dave and Doe want to come back to Mass and want a loft unit.
10. Nothing like getting new pillows.
11. Every one in my neighborhood has a snow blower and man they look like fun. I think that's my next big purchase.
12. Spoke to my neighbor about repaving the drive way. Lets hope that happens sooner rather than later.
13. There is nothing fancy about Margaritas but man I like it there.
14. Katie wasn't as surprised about her New Kids tickets as I thought she would be.
15. I know everyone freaks out about storms. They buy Milk, bread and eggs at the grocery store. Well guess what I made French Toast. So suck it!
16. Nothing quite like seeing your neighbors drinking Bourbon and Bud Heavies at 9:30 am.
17. I am compiling burger joints for blog review. So if you have any suggestions please let me know. I am thinking maybe 1 list of chain restaurants and 1 of other establishments.
18. The dart team is back and revamped. I heard that Chrissy turned them down to join the roster. They tied 6-6 this past week. Next week they are at Rags. Hope you guys can make it.

Hope everyone was safe in the storm.
I have been doing wellness checks on Chrissy. He is delusionally drunk. He told me his dog Stella has started talking back  to him...keep ya posted.

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