Monday, March 27, 2023

Its Baseball season

 The Red Sox start on Thursday and let me tell you mother nature better get off her bullshit.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. John Wick 4 is fucking awesome.

2. I watched the Boston Strangler movie on Hulu. Meh!

3. Mikey Layden is alive and well.

4. Chris Leaden is taking a break from social media. No Snap, No Twitter. Who knows if he will even read this (Hey Chris).

5. Jeffrey tried to go to the 19th Hole and it was closed. Lets pray it was just too early in the day.

6. Musical Bingo, Singo if you will, is fun but I don't really have the patience.

7. People already out on the betting aps.

8. Is always amazing to me that Joe drinks every day but not the weekends.

9. Congrats to TK who is going to be a two time grandfather.

10. Anyone going to Florida for school vacation week? Hook up with Chrissy, he is going to be galivanting all over the state.

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