Monday, February 1, 2021

Well it is February

 That was the fastest January that I can remember. I mean last year it felt like January lasted 6 months and that was right before the pandemic hit.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. I really fucking hate painting.

2. The Little Things was a waste of time. I was looking forward to it and they kind of wasted Jared Leto's performance.

3. Who is looking forward to this Superbowl? I think this is the most money I have thrown out there in squares.

4. Joey and Karen's dog is coming on Friday. 

5. Are we taking bets on if this groundhog sees his shadow?

6. Honey Dew donuts is underrated.

7. Mike Foley is alive. Saw him at Rags.

8. I hope everyone ran to the store for their eggs and milk. Nothing screams snow storm like french toast.

9. I wonder why Leaden didn't use Grillo for his real estate agent? Thought he was part of the Limoncello crew?

10. Chrissy is looking for a new job. I guess Ocean Spray is eliminating positions due to Covid.

11. When the draft beers are good then they hit good. When they aren't then you may as well drink puddle water.

12. Dont forget your Megabucks tickets 8.1 Mil.

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