Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco De Mayo

I hope everyone gets their Tuesday night drinking on tonight. Its Mother fucking Cinco De Mayo!! And if you don't drink the worm at the bottom of the tequila, well then you are a pussy.

This is what I learned while I was off:
1. If you work for Lauren Brady - she will "manage you up or manage you out". She is an ax man for a bank, basically she comes in and cleans up, oh and FIRES YOU! Oh you have 3 kids...I DON'T CARE.
2. Still do not get snap chat at all but 193 people follow me so I have that going for me.
3. Padraig Calnan just wants me to post dogs of the week and add new content to this blog.
4. Now that Chrissy has his phone back he plans on writing Uber Updates, stories from his weekend pick ups. Lets see how long this lasts.
5. I forgot how much fun the track is. If anyone wants to go to the track for the Preakness, let me know, I have a $45 winner burning a hole in my pocket.
6. The new $30 scratch tickets suck.
7. Who knew that Google Chrome had a remote access tool?
8. Rumor has it after much soul searching, Julie Nickerson is coming home in August.
9. Don't forget to get your free breakfast tacos today at Taco bell from 7-11 today.
10. I don't know who it takes longer to recover from a night of drinking; Jeffrey or Rob.
11. I thought I was going to have to miss Dot day for my nephews christening but guess what that was changed to June 21st - the Christening. Christ does love me!
12. Avengers: Age of Ultron was a pretty bad ass movie.
13. Stripping paint off an old door is hard arduous work.
14. I did not get to watch the fight of the century but I heard it sucked.
15. Red Sox nation we are in May now and I don't see a Brian Rose or a Jeff Suppan coming up to save this season.
16. The Olde Bostonian has lots of pieces from old houses if you are looking for anything.
17. Would the Mustache Pub Crawl work for you guys on June 20th?
18. I could go the rest of my life without ever having to paint anything ever again.