Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sun burned

First of all I haven't updated since I was off for opening day and then a day to clean up my house so beat it (that means you Chrissy). Secondly, I am sun burned like a mother fucker and I am not complaining.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. William J Smiddy, the pride of Revere, hates any and all things to do with Rt 3 and the South Shore, except the Cape.
2. Danny Cooney wants everyone to vacation in Brockton.
3. Daredevil on Netflix is by far the best series to come out of Marvel.
4. The Macphails are traveling the New England area on vacation. Basically the new Kennedys.
5. The Scituate (A place Smiddy LOATHES) St Pattys day is a fun ass time.

6. If you have never been to a meat raffle then you are missing out.
7. If you want NKOTB tickets, you can get at 30% off CLICK HERE  and use the code TZOO, you are Welcome.
8. I do not know what the Red Sox have planned for Marthon Mondays ceremony but Opening days festivities were a real tear jerker.

9. Mayor Marty Walsh has declared April 15th as 1 Boston Day. Hey, Marty its still tax day. I guess this whole Boston Strong this is never ever going away.
10. I do not believe I am going to have the mustache pub crawl this year. There was not really a demand for it last year so I think maybe taking a year off would improve that or someone can pick up the mantle.
11. No one likes to look stupid.
12. Why does DejaVu feel so real?
13. Popeyes chicken can not be beat.
14. Really ABC family with Fuller House? Like Full House was a great show that we have to an updated show? If Uncle Jesse doesn't have Aids by now...HAVE MERCY!
15. Sunburned Sunday and peeling on Wednesday. WHAT!!
16. What do the Bruins do? Fire Chiarelli? Julian? Cam? I mean whats the direction they go in now?
17. All you golfers must be itching to get out there. I mean the courses must be dried by now.
18. Another year and another try at growing grass.

Thats all I have for now. I am going to the Marathon Monday game so I won't be back until next Tuesday.


Chrissy said...

10) can't believe I've been growing this fucking beard for 6 months for nothing!!

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