Monday, January 12, 2015

We all need help,

in one way or another. Some people are too proud to ask or just too stubborn.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. KKaties has 1/2 priced wings and trivia on Monday nights. Why haven't we done this yet?
2. The Border cafe is cheap as fuck.
3. The Equalizer was a pretty dope ass movie.
4. Mike G is alive, he has a house rented for snow mobiling if anyones interested. He is also planning a night out at Foxwoods.
5. Little know fact that Jeffrey is great at changing windshield wipers and changing a flat in record time.
6. Chrissy is way into reviewing things for the blog. He sent me a review of the croissant donut. I will post it later so that its not buried.
7. Refinancing your home shouldn't be all that stressful.
8. I heard a rumor that Mike Foley is really settling into that NC life and isn't planning to come home.
9. Anyone have any home remedies or anything to get wine out of a rug??
10. Sometimes the weekend doesn't seem long enough.
11. Is anyone having a superbowl party?
12. Mario throws one hell of a bender. TK should of made the trip to the North shore.
13. Jeffrey it's ok to let everyone know you are drinking Bud heavy now.
14. Squares! Squares! Squares!
15. Looks like there will be a new Dot Day bowl off champion. Steven Whitley is in a league and can no longer participate.
16. Shrimp and stuffed cherry peppers are in the bloody Marys at Stars.

This is what I hate right now:
1. People who break plans.
2. Why you try something new at your favorite place to eat and it sucks.
3. The god damn hiccups.
4. When I am sweating but my feet are cold as hell.
5. Overtalkers, as in people who talk over you to try and prove their point.

Hope you guys can make the 5th annual Whitley yankee regift party this Saturday at 5

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